Public Servers

The BattleChicken Server

Breaking these rules will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

Read them.  "I didn't know" is NOT a valid excuse.

General Rules

No Griefing - Breaking or placing blocks within another player's clearly defined area (claimed) is strictly prohibited. If it's not yours, don't touch it. If it's not claimed, it's fair game.

Use claims to protect your base. Claims expire after 30 days of not logging in.

No Advertising/Spam - No advertising servers/websites/mods in any chat or spamming messages.

Common sense/maturity - This is a game. Be respectful, have fun, don't rage, don't participate in drama, don't harass people, mind the server conventions, etc.

Don't rules-lawyer to get around other rules. This alone will get you banned.

PvP Rules

PvP is enabled by default, but consent must be obtained.

You have the ability to disable PvP within your residence if desired and can also post a sign at your property entrance with your preferences.

You still cannot spawn camp or grief anywhere.

If a player does not consent you are responsible for returning their inventory even if you lost it.

Any repeated killing of players without consent will be considered harassing and you will be banned.

Community and Respect

Be mature adults. This server is meant to be drama-free. Anyone participating in word-sniping, bickering, pettiness, etc. will be kicked on the spot. Insistence on participation in drama will result in a ban.

We are not in the habit of policing chat, but some words and sentiments have no place in conversation other than to discriminate or inflame. Be respectful. Those intent on creating a toxic environment will be banned.

Looting of any kind is strictly prohibited in or near any well-defined player bases. It doesn't matter if the player is inactive or has containers set to true in their residence or doesn't have a residence at all. If it's not yours, don't touch it. That said, you should still protect your stuff. We can only roll things back so far, so if your stuff is unprotected and you've been offline a while and someone breaks the looting rules, you may have no recourse. Looting is only allowed:

    • In the wilderness, well away from any residences or developed areas. Unprotected mining outposts in the resource worlds, for example, are fair game.
    • However, breaking blocks to get to them would be griefing.
    • If the owner specifically grants permission for it. Burden of proof of permission falls to the looter

Even in cases of legal looting, don't be greedy and wipe the person out. This is still a community and we still need to be respectful.  Chunk claims exist for a reason, if you don't want looting, use them.

Farms and Redstone

All things in moderation. Don't cause lag with excessive TNT, entities (farm harvests, ore mining), etc. Players who create builds with the intent to lag or crash the server will be banned. No over-the-top farms are allowed. Your massive mob farm will not get the rates you're expecting on a server, and you really don't need 20 double chests of melons and pumpkins and cactus (e.g.). Instead focus your energies on creativity and building something pretty rather than laggy.

Don't run high-frequency clocks. All redstone clocks must have an “off switch”. Again, this takes up server resources and causes others to lag. If you need a clock make sure it's running at a reasonably slow tick rate to avoid annoying everyone else, and never leave it running if you're AFK or not in the area.

“Zero-tick” farms are not allowed. In addition to being an unnecessary source of frame lag (high frequency, crazy pistons), we also consider these to be a game exploit (items are generated far faster than they would be under normal conditions), putting you in danger of a ban.

Please be moderate with your hopper use, as these can create more lag than a running clock.

Keep farms and mob grinders to sane levels, with no more than 1 farm per mob/animal/plant type.

Farms using water mechanics must be kept small and MUST NOT receive automatic updates from ANY source. If you're turning water on and off it should be you doing it manually at reasonable intervals and only over small plots of land. Please consider mob farms with flushing mechanics broken. We know you'll be able to come up with alternatives.

Farms involving entity cramming or several entities in a small space are banned.


Wave+Break spells are to be limited to default speed, 5s duration, 3x3 maximum. Cast once and pick up all dropped items before casting again. If it continues to be abused, the wave shape will be banned.

Chunk Loading

Chunk loading is allowed using FTBChunks.  There is a configured offline limit of 10 minutes, so chunks will unload after you leave.  Please keep processes within loaded chunks reasonable.  If your loaded chunks are causing lag, we will need to work with you to figure out a solution.