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Mana and Artifice is currently in Pre-Alpha.  This means that there might be bugs, and some features might not be fully implemented.

Patch Notes

Added JEI integration.
Rebalanced XP progression to be slightly slower at lower levels.

Added a button in the player's inventory to clear a pinned recipe. Only shows when a pinned recipe exists.
Standardized and improved on spell/spellbook/grimoire/item tooltips.
Added "did you know" tips when the mod detects players doing something when a QoL feature is available. Currently only 2 exist, one for placing items in rituals, and one for pinning recipes.
All container items now use a standardized configurable keybind to press while opening them, meaning sneak is agnostic.
Changed the color of modifier change arrows to make them contrast more.
Improved the icons for the lodestar textures.

Lowered the Rote requirements for modifiers.
Constructs and Brooms are now immune to in-wall damage.
The Eldritch Orb is now a Curio. It also only drains charge when it is firing.
Rituals of Aurora/Eventide now change the time to morning/evening instead of noon/midnight.
Greatly buffed mana crystals.
Lowered the cost of emanation.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where constructs could lose their owner.
Fixed a bug where the Runeforge would not turn off when it completed processing.
Runes of marking now properly render their location through other blocks.
Affinity now correctly increases rote xp gained for like affinities.

Ore Processing
Added the Brimstone Charm, which can be used to upgrade the Runeforge to a Brimstone Forge. This increases its speed by 4x.
Added a method to perform output doubling with a Runeforge or a Brimstone Forge. Yes, I mean output. Food, ore, whatever.

Added the Brimstone Boat. This is an upgrade to the Bubble Boat using the Brimstone Charm and some Manaweaving. This enhanced boat can traverse over lava as well as water.
Added the Mana Resevoir block. This is a new block used in the crafting of various mana storing things.
Added Mage Armor. This dyeable armor takes increased damage from attacks, but can repair itself using your mana. If it fully breaks, it replaces with a Broken Armor item that provides no enchants or defense, but can be restored at a Runic Anvil using a Sorcerous Sewing Set and some Infused Silk. This restores all of your enchants as well. Also has set bonuses for wearing a full set in terms of increased mana capacity and regeneration.
Added Belt of Anchoring, which when worn prevents affinity changes.
Added Selfish Belt, which when worn prevents auras from affecting others and lowers their mana cost.
Added Staff of the Pilgrim, which when held in offhand grants movements speed, jump height, fall damage reduction, and step assist.
Added Amulet of the Battlemage, which when worn causes spells to deal 10% more damage when you have a sword in the other hand.
Added Amulet of Warding, which reduces magic damage by 10%.
Added Witherguard Amulet, which protects against Wither effects.
Added Enderguard Amulet, which teleports creepers away the instant before they explode near you.
Added Ring of Collection, which causes break spells to attempt to put the items in your inventory, or at your feet if your inventory is full.
Added Ring of Transportation, which causes break spells to attempt to put the items in the container marked by the rune of marking in your offhand, followed by your inventory, then at your feet.
Added pedestal charging, which allows Mana Crystals to charge nearby items.

Added custom spell icons and naming. It's not done for Rote spells yet, but it's coming.
Added a spell component to summon a spectral crafting table for 1 minute.
Added a (FEY) spell component, confuse, which causes the target to randomly attack nearby targets. Does not affect players.
Added a (FEY) spell component, mind control, which causes the target to randomly attack nearby monsters. Does not affect players.
Added a spell component, Divination, which highlights nearby ores. Works through walls.
Added a UI to change modifiable values on a spell.

Manaweave patterns can now be captured in bottles.
Added recipes for improvised manaweaving wands, allowing them to be crafted out of several common items but with limited uses.
Increased the cost for manual manaweaving.
Improved manaweaving altar sounds and VFX

Added a cantrip that acts as a dispelling effect. Can only affect yourself.

Added the ability to craft rune pattern recipes by making a charcoal imprint of an existing rune at the runic anvil.

Added the Ritual of the Wandering Wizard, which summons a trader that trades all manaweave patterns and all thaumaturgic links for the low low price of 1 vinteum ingot each.
Added the Ritual of the Yawning Chasm, which bores a 5x5 hole straight down to bedrock. Drops no blocks.
Added the Ritual of the Earthen Steppes, which bores a 3x3 hole down to bedrock at a 45 degree angle. Drops no blocks.
Added the Ritual of Alteration, which allows adding modifiers to existing spells, up to a maximum of 3.

Constructs now use Geckolib animations.
Changed the Construct diagnostics screen so that the most recent item is at the top.
Added the Drop Item At Position command.
Added the Wait command.
Added Armor Torso. This will grant the construct armor and/or toughness based on its material.
Added Mana Torso. This gives the construct a resevoir of mana that it can use with various parts. Needs to be charged periodically by a nearby mana crystal.
Added Mana Cannon. Constructs can attack at range with this.
Added the Shear task. This shears sheep, mooshrooms, and will pluck feathers from chickens periodically.

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